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Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for continuing to support  Healthy Urban Girl blog. Your readership means everything to me. I will be making more updates to the blog starting this week. Before I do that I just wanted to give you guys an update as to what I’ve been up to in my personal life. Of course I have been knee deep  with my favorite role: motherhood. I’ve been growing as a mother and allowing myself to learn new things as a mom and really just as a feminine vessel in general.

Sometimes life can get a little difficult and a little hectic and it doesn’t leave much time for doing things that we really love such as updating our blog however I realize that updating this blog is one of my priorities because it says really give me a peace of mind.

Along with being a mom I’ve been growing in myself as well. I have been getting to know myself better. Investing time in self love acts to heal my heart chakra. Something that was necessary after the dissolve of my marriage/longest relationship.

Also, Lately I have been holding myself accountable in every role I play in life whether it’s mother, daughter, employee, business owner etc.  Accountability is important. By that I mean it’s not enough to just show up. It’s important to live in the moment and embrace the task and the roles that we have in our lives. Often times you can feel like you’re just existing and not necessarily experiencing. I really tried over the this past year to immerse myself in the things that are important to me. I plan on sharing more of my journey right here. So stay tuned.  So there you have it that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.

Like I said, I do plan on updating the blog more often so definitely check back and of course continue to support our social media platforms our Facebook page (which has  almost 6500 follows and likes- I’m so thankful and grateful)  and our growing Instagram (healthyurbangirl_hug)  page.

Before I go I just want to bring you guys up to date one of the things that we do around here at HUG -Product Review. We try all sort of different products that can be beneficial to tge average Healthy Urban Girl. We try it and let you know the outcome before you spend your good coins. Okkuurrrr.

Keep in mind these products were sent to me for no cost or little cost for the purpose of trying them out and sharing them with you guys

First I have mini figures which really was a bag of Legos…..many Legos. These are for the little ones and my little one  thoroughly enjoyed playing with them. They kept her busy for quite some time.  I will say as a mom my concern was that she would put them in her mouth but my little one is a little older (she’s 7yrs old), so she knows better. But if you have younger ones I will definitely be cautious of that because they are tiny and there is a lot of them, so definitely be cautious about stepping on them also. No one likes to step on Lego pieced….ouch.  If you can find a way to let your older toddler or older  little kid play with them  on a desk and self-controlled environment then yeah they’re fun and  keep the little ones quiet occupied.


Something else that I have been trying is this Pure Pink Clay Mask. Let me just say this clay mask is amazing. If you follow me on social media, you probably know I am challenging myself for 2018 to have good, healthy skin and this pink clay mask really has helped me to stay consistent. It’s a very gentle clay mask. It’s like doesn’t feel overwhelming, it doesn’t feel like a process . You literally put a little bit in a jar put a little water in it to make it like a paste, and spread it on your face leave it on there for about 15 minutes and wipe it off with a warm wash clean washcloth. You can literally feel it pulling out the impurities. Because it’  so light, its great for people with sensitive skin.

Product Review: Colorful Beaded Ball Earrings

Hi HUGs……

Just checking in to say hi. Lately, I have been busy. But a good productive busy. There has been order and purpose behind my busyness. Don’t you hate when you’re busy but chaos rules the day.  To avoid that chaotic energy I try to remember slow and steady is the way to go. Pressure can be healthy but too much can cloud your judgement. It’s best to just take time. Think quality not quantity.

Enough of that. Now on to some pretty cute earrings that I think would brighten up anyone’s day. They are beaded ball earrings that dangle. They really add a little sass to a look. Wear them with your hair up or down; either way its super cute.As summer closes out (😩) these earrings are the perfect flare to hold on to these last days of warm. The quality of these earrings is what sets them apart. Clearly, well crafted; these dangle earrings will damgle lightly and not weigh down the ear. If you like the bohemian; hand crafted jewelery vibe; these balled dangles will not disappoint. The colors of these earrings are so vibrant. I hope the pic captures that. It will sit nicely against any skin hue.

Purchase them here.




Product Review: Fragrance Market Exclusive Scent ‘Mercedes Benz Rose’

Smelling good goes hand in hand with being a woman.  It’s one thing to look good, but a whole other thing to smell just as good. Oddly, people may not remember what you looked liked, the details of your outfit or your hair may escape them in the long run;  but they will always remember how you smell.

I was sent a complimentary bottle of an exclusive scent offered only on Fragrance Market, called Mercedes Benz Rose. To say I loved the fragrance would be an understatement.  If I had to pick one word to describe the scent, it would be: feminine.  And of course, we must talk about the luxury; after all it is Mercedes Benz. The scent exudes luxury. However, it’s not so stiff and unattainable that it can’t be worn on a daily basic; in fact,  if I had to be remembered for a smell, I’d definitely want this to be it. It’s a great daily signature scent.


When choosing a fragrance these days authenticity is key. That’s why purchasing from a reputable fragrance seller is important. Head over to FragranceMarket, and pick up a bottle of the exclusive Mercedes Benz Rose,  for yourself, or browse their vast stock of brand name, authentic scents for men and woman. Shipping is free for all purchases over $50. Also, use the code 10OFFBEST, and you’ll get 10% off.  #Winning!!

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5 Products That I Am LOVING Right Now + Coupon Code

I get really excited when I find a cool product. Not only because I get to add it to my regimen someway, but also because I get to share the perks with my HUG fam. Well, lately I have gotten to try some cool, (and not so cool, but that’s a convo for another day) products that most HealthyUrbanGirl’s would probably be interested in. I mean who isnt looking for another “thing” to add to their bag of #GlowUp goodies. I mean! 

As always some of these products are sponsored, but yall should know by now, no one can buy my opinion baybeee!! So we keeps it real around these parts:

The first product, is really a subscription service of the sorts. Now, before you get all aggy, and think ‘not another subby service’, hear me out here. If you’re a mom, how often have you said to yourself, “gosh, I wish I could just get a box of healthy snacks delivered to my home every month?”. Well, your mommy prayers have been answered, through a company call GREAT Kids Snacks.

Great Kids Snack ships 30 different individually-wrapped snacks
that have been kid-tested and Nutritionist-approved; which promote healthy energy for physical activity. Not bad for the monthly price tag of $39.95, or $45.95 for a Gluten -Free Snack box.

Here is the real deal, you and your kids are probably not going to love all the options included (there was one bar that I’m sure was actually bird food, but if you like sesame seeds you might disagree). However, there are enough snack options for the little ones packed into the box for them to pick, choose and refuse.  Also, it gave my picky little ones an opportunity to try snacks they probably never would have otherwise tried, and thereby realized they actually liked!!  Full disclosure, there was a Chocolate, Nougat and Nut bar, from a company called Nelly’s Organics, that I smuggled for myself, and no lie that bar was THE  BEST!! Think snickers, but without all the guilt.

The Great Kids Snack Box, is a good subscription option for parents looking for a easy and affordable way to keep healthy snack options in the house on the regs.

Head over to GREAT Kids Snack Box, now and choose your box.

HUG: GreatKidsSnackBox

Next, is a product that I was a little weary of.

HUG: LayzieGear

How many girls in here are comfy wearing baseball hats? I certainly wasn’t. I tend to like the look on other girls, but just didn’t think I could pull it off myself. Well, when the cool folks at Layzie Wear sent me a Bone Thugs N Harmony hat, how could I not rock it. The ‘hat to the back’ look is a instant cool accessories for not so good hair days. Paired with my fave skinnies, a denim shirt and red lippie, no one knew your girl was having a bad day!!!  I’m ordering the leather version, which will be a nice accent to my all black everything look. Layzie Wear is where you’ll find all official Bone Thugs N Harmony gear. Layzie was my fave Bone, just for the record, and it was fun paying homage with this cute hat!

HUG: LayzieGear

Head over to LayzieGear for all your official  and authentic Bone Thug Gear.


Edges are important. Properly laid edges are the holy grail. And that brings us to our next fave product; Lux By Jace Edge Control with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This product delivers in all the areas, that edge control needs to deliver. It lays the edges effortlessly, leaving behind NO white residue!!!! And it smells amazing. To boost, this edge control is infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which promotes hair growth, and doesn’t kill our coveted edges (which we work all to hard to play with by using some wack product!!). If you are like me and have tried your share of edge control products, I can promise you that this one will become if not your absolute fave, it will be in your top three.  If you are a natural like myself, you know it is hard to find a edge control that holds for the entire day, well this over delivered.


Priced under $11, LuxByJace Edge Control is definitely a must have for us HealthyUrbanGirl’s that strive for healthy hair! Pick you up some!!


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this next item is a good gift contender. I love jewelry, and shiny jewelry is always a good look. The Abour Ladyrosian Jewelry Company is a premium brand for fashion jewelry with Swarovski Crystals. The jewelry company carries unique and fashionable pieces for any occasion. We were sent the “Lucky Fox” love necklace;  a beautiful 3-D blue colored Swarovski Crystal pendant, hung from a silver chain. The fox is said to give good luck, which makes this necklace only more funners. The shimmer of this necklace is unreal, especially for only $29.99.

HUG::LadyRosian Lucky Fox Necklace

Lastly, is a product that has been so kind to my skin:

iBeautyLabs Premium Gold Collagen Face Mask is a  24k gold collagen therapy face mask that deeply moisturizes your complexion, expel toxins and free radicals and make your skin smooth. After one use you instantly see a glow in your skin. Packaged with 5 mask, the overall results should definitely lead to better skin quality. Try it out here or go to Premium Face Mask, and apply special coupon code BIGFAN50, to receive 50% off.