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GameFace Wipes:


Sometimes a shower right after the workout is not ideal. Perhaps, you have to make a quick stop at the store or the bank. I once had to run into Walmart after a workout and ended up a little too close to my boss in the check out line.  Let’s just say awkward. I looked and probably smelled musky. But the workout was worth it.  Kinda. Well with post workout wipes from GameFace, a quick freshening up is easy. Throw the lightly scented sturdy wipes in your gym bag and go. No more awkward post workout run ins.


RuckPack Energy Shots:

RuckPack HUG


Sometimes getting the workout in is impossible because tiredness wins. With #RuckPack Energy Shots (which have been featured on Shark Tank); the ingredients are natural and the outcome is full energy without shocking the nervous system. With yummy flavors like strawberry, citrus and berry it’s also delectable. Just pour into a cold glass of water or drink straight.

Try RuckPack here, and use the code BB105 for a 20% discount.

Mink Lashes:


I’m late on this one. Lashes are a must to enhance a beat face. However, if you’re going to do lashes; please opt for mink lashes. I didn’t know there was such a difference between mink lashes and artificial lashes; until I actually tried mink. Lashes should look and FEEL as natural as possible. Mink lashes are softer and FEEL almost weightless on the eyelids.

Try these Mink lashes for a reasonable price.

Filtered Water Bottle:

Water is a must. Lots of it. Daily. But who has time and money to keep running to the store for bottled water. Instead, I purchased a filtered water bottle that does all the work for me. I get endless bottles of fresh clean water and there is no plastic waste. Yayyyy! Try a filtered water bottle like this one.


Essential Oils And Diffuser:

For everything from aromatherapy to curing a headache; essential oils are the best. For each ailment we may suffer from, there’s an oil for that. I am having a great time researching and learning about essential oils and how to use them properly. Also, loving my oil diffuser to diffuse my favorite flavors of oils through out my home. It creates a great aroma that always lifts my energy.

Start with a simple but effective set of essential oils like this one. 

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