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Product Review: Colorful Beaded Ball Earrings

Hi HUGs……

Just checking in to say hi. Lately, I have been busy. But a good productive busy. There has been order and purpose behind my busyness. Don’t you hate when you’re busy but chaos rules the day. ¬†To avoid that chaotic energy I try to remember slow and steady is the way to go. Pressure can be healthy but too much can cloud your judgement. It’s best to just take time. Think quality not quantity.

Enough of that. Now on to some pretty cute earrings that I think would brighten up anyone’s day. They are beaded ball earrings that dangle. They really add a little sass to a look. Wear them with your hair up or down; either way its super cute.As summer closes out (ūüė©) these earrings are the perfect flare to hold on to these last days of warm. The quality of these earrings is what sets them apart. Clearly, well crafted; these dangle earrings will damgle lightly and not weigh down the ear. If you like the bohemian; hand crafted jewelery vibe; these balled dangles will not disappoint. The colors of these earrings are so vibrant. I hope the pic captures that. It will sit nicely against any skin hue.

Purchase them here.


Hello August: 52 Healthy Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

Hello August.

As we usher in this last full month of summer ūüėĘ; it’s a great time to start thinking about what exactly it is we want to accomplish before the summer is over. With exactly 52 days before that first leaf falls, here is a list of 52 HEALTHY things to do before summer 17 is but a memory:

1. Drink water everyday ( pack a water filtered water bottle like this one)
2. Try spa water  (water infused with mint, cucumbers, berries etc)
3. Go for a evening run
4. Yoga at sunset on the beach
5. Yoga at dawn on the beach
6. Start the day with a ACV shot
7. No meat for a week( Try for some meatless yummy recipes)
8. Sugar free for a week or more
9. Take a walk everyday
10. Do a natural lip scrub (use Brown sugar and  olive oil)
11. Eat nutrient dense foods like almonds, salmon, etc daily
12. Green tea eye mask
13. Eat melon
14. Co Wash your hair weekly
15. ACV rinse in your hair to remove build up
16. Do a Indian healing clay  mask ( try this one)
17. Dry brush your skin weekly
18. Learn a new word a week
19. Read at least 4 new  books
20. Listen to music of another language
21. Mediate
22. Pray
23. Fast
24. Laugh daily
25. Teach your little one a new skill
26. Declutter your space
27. Create a journal and write in it
28. See your OB-Gyn
29. Eat a salad everyday
30. Deep condition hair weekly or biweekly
31. Save $20 or more from paycheck
32. Do a wheatgrass shot daily for a week
33. Add Chlorella to your green juice
34. Ride a bike
35. Make healthy delicious popsicles
36. Make nicecream
37. Do a bonfire with close friends
38. Eat fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market
39. Visit and support your local farmers market weekly
40. Start thinking about your plans for 2018
41. Try henna
42. Coconut oil pull everyday
43. Treat lashes and eyebrows with castor oil nightly
44.  Try a few new vegan recipes
45. Do a foot detox
46. Make 10, 000 steps a day
47. Take your Hair Skin and Nails vitamins daily
48. Go for a hike
49. Swap sugary drinks
50. Clean home daily
51. Drink lemon water in morning and at night
52. Help another woman


GameFace Wipes:


Sometimes a shower right after the workout is not ideal. Perhaps, you have to make a quick stop at the store or the bank. I once had to run into Walmart after a workout and ended up a little too close to my boss in the check out line. ¬†Let’s just say awkward. I looked and probably smelled musky. But the workout was worth it.¬†¬†Kinda. Well with post workout wipes from GameFace, a quick freshening up is easy. Throw the lightly scented sturdy wipes in your gym bag and go. No more awkward post workout run ins.


RuckPack Energy Shots:

RuckPack HUG


Sometimes getting the workout in is impossible because tiredness wins. With #RuckPack Energy Shots (which have been featured on Shark Tank); the ingredients are natural and the outcome is full energy without shocking the nervous system. With yummy flavors like strawberry, citrus and berry it’s also delectable. Just pour into a cold glass of water or drink straight.

Try RuckPack here, and use the code BB105 for a 20% discount.

Mink Lashes:


I’m late on this one. Lashes are a must to enhance a beat face. However, if you’re going to do lashes; please opt for mink lashes. I didn’t know there was such a difference between mink lashes and artificial lashes; until I actually tried mink. Lashes should look and FEEL as natural as possible. Mink lashes are softer and FEEL almost weightless on the eyelids.

Try these Mink lashes for a reasonable price.

Filtered Water Bottle:

Water is a must. Lots of it. Daily. But who has time and money to keep running to the store for bottled water. Instead, I purchased a filtered water bottle that does all the work for me. I get endless bottles of fresh clean water and there is no plastic waste. Yayyyy! Try a filtered water bottle like this one.


Essential Oils And Diffuser:

For everything from aromatherapy to curing a headache; essential oils are the best. For each ailment we may suffer from, there’s an oil for that. I am having a great time researching and learning about essential oils and how to use them properly. Also, loving my oil diffuser to diffuse my favorite flavors of oils through out my home. It creates a great aroma that always lifts my energy.

Start with a simple but effective set of essential oils like this one. 

Some of these products were Sponsored.

10 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Is Critical To Your #GloUp

Ladies, everything we do should in one way or another, contribute in large part to our #GloUp. While, the concept of a ” #GloUp” will differ from person to person, there are some fundamental bullet-points that are a must for any #GloUp to be official. One of those crucial bullet-points in particular, is having our health game on point. What we’ll be discussing today is almost synonymous with good health: ¬†Apple Cidar Vinegar in its (organic) raw and unfiltered form is possibly one of the most vital natural health remedies to contribute to an increase in good health. ACV is one of those natural goodies that the healthiest person you know, probably swears by for many different reasons. In fact, ACV has anti-inflammatory properties that aides in everything from skin problems to weight loss.

Here are 10 key ways in which organic raw and unfiltered Apple Cidar Vinegar (with the mother) is critical to your #GloUp:

1. Detox Your Body

In this case, unfiltered ACV can act as a tonic for the liver and lymphatic; which can help detox your body.  Also, ACV helps balance your body’s pH and stimulates cardiovascular stimulation, bowel motility and lymphatic drainage. All of that leads to better health, and thereby instant #GloUp.

2. Natural Conditioner to Make Hair Shine

Hair can make or break ones #GloUp. Use ACV as a natural hair conditioner that after consistent use, makes the hair take on great shine.   Use  1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water, in a bottle.  Pour this on your hair after shampooing. Remember consistency is key here. ***Be careful not to burn eyes with the acidic solution.***

3. Natural Teeth Whitener

A beautiful smile is detrimental to the #GloUp. It says, “Im happy from the inside out”. Enhance your smile with organic apple cider vinegar, by taking your index finger, dab in the ACV, and simple rub your teeth. The pH levels in the ACV will work overtime in no time to remove unwanted stains from the teeth.

4. Regulates Your Body’s pH

A body in alkaline is already way ahead of itself in the #GloUp game. This is because balancing the pH levels in the body, reduces the the risk of serious illnesses like cancer. ACV contains acetic acid, which dramatically has a alkaline effect on the body. Also, a body in alkaline state, has more energy; which will give us life in those #GloUp exercise sessions.

5. Can Support Weight Loss and Metabolism

Nothing screams #GloUp; like shedding some un-welcomed ¬†LB’s. A study published in the Journal of Diabetes Care found that consuming apple cider vinegar could promote weight loss. There are several reasons ACV promotes fat loss, but one of those reasons includes that ACV reduces sugar cravings and improves detoxification. #YesPlease

6. Improve Body Odor:

Again with the pH, ACV helps control excessive body odor by regulating the pH of the skin, something most commercial deodorants and perfumes can’t claim. To use ACV as a deodorant simply wipe each armpit with a soaked cotton ball daily.

7.  Literally GLOing Skin:

Due to the pH balance of Apple Cidar Vinegar; which is close to our natural skins own pH balance, it makes for a great skin toner in that it does not harm our skin acid mantle (a protective layer of skin). Ditch those expensive chemically enhanced toners, and opt for the natural, yet potently effective ACV option. If you want to try ACV as a toner, just combine one part ACV with two to three parts water, you’ll want to add more water for very sensitive skin.Your skin will thank you. Add some coconut oil to your skin after you tone with ACV for best results.

8. Eliminates Varicose Veins:

Since ACV improves circulation in the vein walls and is a anti inflammatory, it is great for reducing bulging varicose veins. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and witch hazel, and rub on the area effected by varicose veins, in a circular motion; and you should see improvements in two weeks.

9. Fleeky from the inside out:

What good is it to look good and not feel good?!Remember, a proper #GloUp starts from inside the body. ACV can aide in balancing blood sugar and improving diabetes due to a special acid found in it, called acetic acid. This will ensure you well from within. 

10. Say BYE to  Yeast Infections :

Really Candida; which is a parasite bacteria that if overgrown can lead to yeast infections, low energy, canker sores, and other less than cute conditions. Apple cider vinegar is a great tool in ridding candida, because of it’s ability to aide in¬†promoting better digestion and an acid/alkaline balance more aligned with promoting healthy bacteria to once again thrive in the gut. Def a #GloUp moment.


Product Review: Fragrance Market Exclusive Scent ‘Mercedes Benz Rose’

Smelling good goes hand in hand with being a woman. ¬†It’s one thing to look good, but a whole other thing to smell just as good. Oddly, people may not remember what you looked liked, the details of your outfit or your hair may escape them in the long run; ¬†but they will always remember how you smell.

I was sent a complimentary bottle of an exclusive scent offered only on Fragrance Market, called Mercedes Benz Rose. To say I loved the fragrance would be an understatement. ¬†If I had to pick one word to describe the scent, it would be: feminine. ¬†And of course, we must talk about the luxury; after all it is Mercedes Benz. The scent exudes luxury. However, it’s not so stiff and unattainable that it can’t be worn on a daily basic; in fact, ¬†if I had to be remembered for a smell, I’d definitely want this to be it. It’s a great daily signature scent.


When choosing a fragrance these days authenticity is key. That’s why purchasing from a reputable fragrance seller is important. Head over to FragranceMarket, and pick up a bottle of the exclusive Mercedes Benz Rose, ¬†for yourself, or browse their vast stock of brand name, authentic scents for men and woman. Shipping is free for all purchases over $50. Also, use the code¬†10OFFBEST, and you’ll get 10% off. ¬†#Winning!!

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5 Products That I Am LOVING Right Now + Coupon Code

I get really excited when I find a cool product. Not only because I get to add it to my regimen someway, but also because I get to share the perks with my HUG fam. Well, lately I have gotten to try some cool, (and not so cool, but that’s a convo for another day) products that most HealthyUrbanGirl’s would probably be interested in. I mean who isnt looking for another “thing” to add to their bag of #GlowUp goodies. I mean!¬†

As always some of these products are sponsored, but yall should know by now, no one can buy my opinion baybeee!! So we keeps it real around these parts:

The first product, is really a subscription service of the sorts. Now, before you get all aggy, and think ‘not another subby service’, hear me out here. If you’re a mom, how often have you said to yourself, “gosh, I wish I could just get a box of healthy snacks delivered to my home every month?”. Well, your mommy prayers have been answered, through a company call GREAT Kids Snacks.

Great Kids Snack ships 30 different individually-wrapped snacks
that have been kid-tested and Nutritionist-approved; which promote healthy energy for physical activity. Not bad for the monthly price tag of $39.95, or $45.95 for a Gluten -Free Snack box.

Here is the real deal, you and your kids are probably not going to love all the options included (there was one bar that I’m sure was actually bird food, but if you like sesame seeds you might disagree). However, there are enough snack options for the little ones packed into the box for them to pick, choose and refuse. ¬†Also, it gave my picky little ones an opportunity to try snacks they probably never would have otherwise tried, and thereby realized they actually liked!! ¬†Full disclosure, there was a Chocolate, Nougat and Nut bar, from a company called Nelly’s Organics, that I smuggled for myself, and no lie that bar was THE ¬†BEST!! Think snickers, but without all the guilt.

The Great Kids Snack Box, is a good subscription option for parents looking for a easy and affordable way to keep healthy snack options in the house on the regs.

Head over to GREAT Kids Snack Box, now and choose your box.

HUG: GreatKidsSnackBox

Next, is a product that I was a little weary of.

HUG: LayzieGear

How many girls in here are comfy wearing baseball hats? I certainly wasn’t. I tend to like the look on other girls, but just didn’t think I could pull it off myself. Well, when the cool folks at Layzie Wear sent me a Bone Thugs N Harmony hat, how could I not rock it. The ‘hat to the back’ look is a instant cool accessories for not so good hair days. Paired with my fave skinnies, a denim shirt and red lippie, no one knew your girl was having a bad day!!! ¬†I’m ordering the leather version, which will be a nice accent to my all black everything look. Layzie Wear is where you’ll find all official Bone Thugs N Harmony gear. Layzie was my fave Bone, just for the record, and it was fun paying homage with this cute hat!

HUG: LayzieGear

Head over to LayzieGear for all your official  and authentic Bone Thug Gear.


Edges are important. Properly laid edges are the holy grail. And that brings us to our next fave product; Lux By Jace Edge Control with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This product delivers in all the areas, that edge control needs to deliver. It lays the edges effortlessly, leaving behind NO white residue!!!! And it smells amazing. To boost, this edge control is infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which promotes hair growth, and doesn’t kill our coveted edges (which we work all to hard to play with by using some wack product!!). If you are like me and have tried your share of edge control products, I can promise you that this one will become if not your absolute fave, it will be in your top three. ¬†If you are a natural like myself, you know it is hard to find a edge control that holds for the entire day, well this over delivered.


Priced under $11, LuxByJace¬†Edge Control is definitely a must have for us HealthyUrbanGirl’s that strive for healthy hair! Pick you up some!!


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this next item is a good gift contender. I love jewelry, and shiny jewelry is always a good look. The¬†Abour Ladyrosian¬†Jewelry Company is a premium brand for fashion jewelry with Swarovski Crystals. The jewelry company carries unique and fashionable pieces for any occasion. We were sent the “Lucky Fox” love necklace; ¬†a beautiful 3-D blue colored Swarovski Crystal pendant, hung from a silver chain. The fox is said to give good luck, which makes this necklace only more funners. The shimmer of this necklace is unreal, especially for only $29.99.

HUG::LadyRosian Lucky Fox Necklace

Lastly, is a product that has been so kind to my skin:

iBeautyLabs Premium Gold Collagen Face Mask is a  24k gold collagen therapy face mask that deeply moisturizes your complexion, expel toxins and free radicals and make your skin smooth. After one use you instantly see a glow in your skin. Packaged with 5 mask, the overall results should definitely lead to better skin quality. Try it out here or go to Premium Face Mask, and apply special coupon code BIGFAN50, to receive 50% off.


Product Review: Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Cute hair is a game changer! That’s right, having a dope doo will instantly give any girl a ¬†#GlowUp. ¬†However, maintaining that dope doo is key. I am an advocate for not only good looking hair, but also and most paramount, healthy hair. Therefore, the quality of the hair products used to maintain fly hair, should uphold the integrity of good ingredients, ¬†so to promote healthy happy hair. was given a cool opportunity to try out a couple of hair products; to see how they would fair for our readers, and social media audience. This is a #sponsored post, but make no mistake, I holds no bars!

The hair care product, is  possibly already apart of your hair care and maintenance repertoire already; Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner; which promises to restore and strengthen the hair through a unique formula:

We’ve created a unique formula with active silk an soy proteins that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to help restore and strengthen hair that’s damaged, dry or just straight up damaged. With these ingredients, hair is replenished with natural moisture leaving hair healthier, stronger, and more alive. –


With such claims, I could not wait to try this product out. A few things to keep in mind: ¬†I am a black girl, with black girl, natural curly, kinky hair. Also, I normally stay away from hair products laden with ingredients I can not pronounce. Finesse is the kind of shampoo and conditioner you’re likely to find at your local drugstore, priced under $5 per bottle. Not bad for a brand backed by Kendall Jenner, who dubbed the hair washing duo her favorite. I say that all to say, as a natural girl, it’s not easy to find quality Shampoo and Conditioner at a drugstore, that isn’t riddled with not so nice ingredients, that do more harm than good to my hair. Not to mention, me and Kends, kind of have different hair types. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Optimism well intact, I dove in.


So on my wash day I retrieve my cute little box of  the Moisturizing Shampoo/ Conditioner duo that was shipped to me from the fine folks at Finesse.  And I read, the label. Yes I read labels!

Not TOO many unpronounceable’s (ingredients), but there are some. Not enough to make me weary to lather up my natural, kinks in it. ¬†Water was the first ingredient mentioned on the ingredients list, which is always a step in the right direction for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Next, was my smell test. Both the Shampoo and Conditioner smelled just as you’d imagine Shampoo and Conditioner to smell. There was nothing special to report about the smell. Also, nothing bad to report about it.

Now about how they work on the hair once applied:

The shampoo lathers really nicely. The consistency is not too watery, therefore, you don’t require a whole lot to get a nice build up of suds. The highlight of use that I noticed in my use of the moisturizing Shampoo was how soft it left my hair after I rinsed it out. Normally, shampoo strips the hair of natural oils and moisture, therefore leaving it feeling quite lifeless, and stiff. Not Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo; it actually does the opposite. My hair was so soft after I shampooed, that I wondered if I needed to condition it at all.

Purchase your own Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner at Walgreens or Walmart.

After much thought, I proceeded to condition, with the Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner. While the conditioner is a little thicker than the Shampoo, I found that I needed more of it to actually feel the difference in my hair strands. While I was in the midst of conditioning I was not very impressed with the softening/moisturizing qualities. It was not until after I rinsed the conditioner off my hair, that I realized how SOFT it actually did make my hair.

My hair felt weightless,  smelled fresh and clean. 

I would say that Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are a good way to go, for drugstore hair care products. The results are lasting and come at a bargain when you think of the cost versus what you actually get in exchange.

Product Review: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint

Like most girls, I am forever in search of the perfect lip candy to compliment my ¬†luscious puckers. And with the warmer months ahead, I am on a all out hunt for ¬†a lipstick/gloss/paint that added a pop of color to my lip repertoire. While browsing the make up isle in Walmart, I came across the L’Oreal section, and loved the display of colorful lush liquid ¬†lipstick options.

Call me lame, ¬†but I rarely venture outside my hues of pink, when it comes to my lips, so this ¬†whole color journey, was new territory for me. I am a brown complexion, therefore I have found that color added to my lips will either add a little sex appeal, ¬†or it ¬†really hardens my features, making me look years beyond my age (not a good look). What I really liked about the L’Oreal Infallible ¬†Lip ¬†Paints, were that the colors were rich in hue, and that read to me as quality. I hate getting a lip color that is packaged as a eye- catching color, and you purchase it on only to find out it is a completely different, water down version. That’s definitely not the case with the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint, which follows through on it’s promise for bold color statement.

The price was not too bad at $7.95. That’s the amount I’m used to paying for drugstore brand lippies. Those two factors; color ¬†quality, and price point; were enough for me to seal the deal and purchase the lip paint. ¬†The beautiful¬†color that I picked up was a rich purple hue called: 302 Violet Twist.

Once I got it home and tried it, there were a few things to take notice of:

  • For one, the applicator stick was quite unique in that it curved at the tip,¬†for¬†ease of a¬†even and smooth ¬†application.¬† Since¬†L’Oreal Infallible Paints are deep¬†in color, it’s important to not¬†over apply. The designer applicator allows for full coverage in limited application. Less is more, since a little goes a long way with this Lip Paint.
  • Texture is key in this lip paint. I expected a sticky annoying texture that creates debris around the corners of the mouth (not cute), but to my great surprise, no such thing. The lip paint went on smooth, and remained smooth the entire time worn. It did not dry the lips, a issue that many drugstore brand lippies have.

Tip: Be sure to line the lip with a like color pencil and fill in the lips with the paint for a cleaner, more precise look.

  • The color pop I was hoping for was definitely delivered. Maybe even over delivered! Again, this is where it’s important to go light on the application. The color reads so rich that only a couple layers are necessary.
  • Unfortunately, one of my few areas of disappointment was that the lip paint, did not withstand the drinking test! That’s right, after a few sips of my drink, the lip color had almost all been transformed from my lips to the cup I had been drinking out of. ¬†Sadly, this was not the only issue with sustainability; the paint did not stay on very long, no matter what. I found myself reapplying frequently; which was unfortunate, because who has time for that!! One thing, I would suggest for longer lasting wear, is to mix the lip paint with another more sustainable lippie, that blends well.

Overall, despite the lack of long lasting wear, I plan on buying a few other ¬†L’Oreal Lip Paints in some other fun colors, mainly because, the price is great for the richness in color, and as I said, it mixes really well. There are 14 liquid lipsticks in the line of Lip Paint, from nudes to bolds.

I’m a light weight fan:)

Grab your L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint here