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5 Things We Can All Learn From Lala Anthony About Bossing Up Through A Heartbreak

By now it’s no secret that one of our favorite #BlackLove couple is separated. Back in April news broke of Lala and Carmelo Anthony coming to an amicable agreement to go their separate ways after almost 7 years of marriage. While both Melo and Lala have rightly remained tight lipped about their current marital woes, like most instances: where there is smoke, there is likely fire. While, I’m sure we’re all rooting for this power couple; who have a ten year old son, Kiyan; to reconcile and work out their differences; one thing that has been endearing to watch from afar is how gracefully Lala has carried herself amid the mess. As a woman we know all too well the heartbreak she is facing right now, but even as the infidelity and out of wedlock baby rumors swirl- on Carmelo’s end- Lala remains seemingly resilient. While I am sure Lala is not exactly skating through this whole ordeal, she is certainly making it clear that the show must go on!

Here are five things we can all learn from La about handling our business as women all the while mending a broken heart💔:

Just Show Up!

Days after the news broke of the break down in her marriage, Lala was front and center at the Met Gala; which is possibly the most reported and photographed fashion event in the world. And there she was on the red carpet. And boy did she show up!! The dress was perfect. Stunning to say the least. Her skin was flawless and her body was on point. The following day the New York Daily Newspaper coveted front page featured Lala with the headline: ‘ Met Gala turns into La La Land’.  In a matter of one night the news shifted from broken hearted Lala to ‘Unbreakable’ Lala. Imagine if she chose to wallow in her sadness instead that night and did not show up? She changed the entire narrative of her story, just by showing up, and showing OUT!

Work Hard: Continue reading 5 Things We Can All Learn From Lala Anthony About Bossing Up Through A Heartbreak

#BeautyThursday: Beyonce Overlines Her Lips; And We LOVE!

There I was, aimlessly scrolling through my IG feed and: Eureka.

🤰🏽🏡 😂

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Much to my delight, the Queen (Bey that is) uploaded an almost one minute long video, which included photo stills and actual recorded content. While BeyBey’s belly (currently carrying two tiny Carter’s) was front and center stage; my attention was fixed on Bey’s lips!Looking especially full and plump, I was intrigued.  Were her puckers swollen? (Not uncommon or unlikely for pregnancy, I’m sure). Was it injections? (Doubt it). Or was it an over lined lip????!!!  Seems, I wasn’t the only nosy rosy trying to figured out the mystery behind King Bey’s suddenly souped up lips; the internet seems to all be scratching their heads. Well, internet, you can stop thinking now, because, I think we can all agree, Mrs. Carters perfectly plumped lips are the courtesy of  a little bit of swollen (prego issues; Moms, we have all been there) and a lotta bit of overdrawn lips.

Well, with this being #BeautyThursday here at HUG Headquarters (aka, my bedroom desk), I thought this would be a good time to dig into the whole overlined/overdrawn lip liner makeup trend, and give a short tutorial on how to achieve:

First, the idea of the overdrawn lip is really just a contouring and highlighting technique for the lips.

You’ll need a Dark colored lip liner pencil ( think hues of brown if your using a nude to pink shade lipstick), also you’ll need a matte lipstick, and some lip gloss in a similar or same color as the lipstick.

  • Prep the lip with some lip primer. Then, dust a little foundation over the lip, creating a canvas to being the contouring process.

    • Grab your dark colored lip liner and slightly trace along your natural lip line. Once you have done that, go back over the same line, with the pencil at a laid down angel and trace slightly above your natural lip line.
    • Now pull in the color, by shading in the four corners of the lip. Again, this is all about contouring the lip.

    • Now, go over the lip with the lipstick covering all areas of the lip, going slightly to the overdrawn line above the lips. For this to really work well, you want to make sure, you’re using a lipstick that really stands by it’s color. The lipstick works as a blender here.

  • Now, go over the lipstick with the lipgloss to highlight the lips and further drown out the brown of the pencil.

This look will instantly give you a set of plumped sexy lips, just like Beyonce.  All without a single needle ever touching your puckers! #YESPLEASE

Now if there was only a tutorial to achieve that Gucci “Modern Future” Brocade drawstring pregnant Bey is rocking:(



#TackleItTuesday: Finding The Motivation To Get Summertime Fine

Weren’t we just toasting in the New Year! Well, here we are in the first week of May. Kinda feels like it snuck up on us, right?! Whether you ready or not, the summer is soon upon us. And one thing that doesn’t go with the summer, is a gut. If you haven’t started getting your summer time fine on yet, good news is that there is still time. Problem is, if you haven’t began yet, there a possibility that you’re a bit unmotivated. Well, here are six things that can help increase your level of motivation to jump on the ball in attaining your perfect summer body:


Unlike the colder months when you can pile on the layers to hide that battling bulge, the summer requires less clothes. And as if that weren’t enough, summer also means brighter clothes (no more slimming down that extra 5 with the all black everything look). The last thing you want this summer is to have to be limited in outfit options. Think of all the fly, cute clothes you want to wear this coming summer season, and maybe even put some cash to the side to treat yourself once you hit your fitness goal. Checking out sites like FashionNova, Boohoo, or Forever21 on the regs is enough to get any unmotivated HealthyUrbanGirl in full on BEAST mode.


All Things Girly:

Summer is the time to be the girly girl you know and love to be. In addition to all the hot fashion options, there is also so many fun makeup, hair styles, accessories to try. It’s also a great time to show off your mani and pedi. Like I said all things girly. And there is no better way to be girly, than to be in your best fitness shape.

Plan A Trip( to the BEACH):

Nothing says summer like the beach. But when your body isn’t right, us ladies avoid the beach like the plague. Well, none of that this year. Plan your beach trip from now. Everything detail down to the last drop, from what you’ll be sipping on to what you plan on slipping into. Be realistic. If you know you have more than 50 pounds or so to lose, don’t plan on being in a 2 piece (unless you got the confidence to do so). Remember this is about being proactive, not punishing ourselves.


Don’t be that friend in the summertime that never wants to go anywhere, because you’re feeling self conscious about your body. With so much outdoor activities, like pool parties, BBQ’s, concerts, and festivals to attend during the summer, get that summertime fine body going now, so when the girls call, you’ll be ready to go!


Good health should always be a motivator for getting into shape, not only in the summer months, but every season. However, the benefits of having good health in the summer months are endless. With the sun being hotter than normal, every activity that we do is intensified. Which means our heart and other bodily functions are working harder than normal. Being healthy will help us feel better, while we’re looking better.

Glow With Confidence:

There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence. And there is no better time to exude confidence than in the summertime. Between the sun, the heat, and the moisture in the air, our skin, hair, and overall bodies love the summer. Being in prime fitness health, will help that effortless summertime glow go very far.

5 Products That I Am LOVING Right Now + Coupon Code

I get really excited when I find a cool product. Not only because I get to add it to my regimen someway, but also because I get to share the perks with my HUG fam. Well, lately I have gotten to try some cool, (and not so cool, but that’s a convo for another day) products that most HealthyUrbanGirl’s would probably be interested in. I mean who isnt looking for another “thing” to add to their bag of #GlowUp goodies. I mean! 

As always some of these products are sponsored, but yall should know by now, no one can buy my opinion baybeee!! So we keeps it real around these parts:

The first product, is really a subscription service of the sorts. Now, before you get all aggy, and think ‘not another subby service’, hear me out here. If you’re a mom, how often have you said to yourself, “gosh, I wish I could just get a box of healthy snacks delivered to my home every month?”. Well, your mommy prayers have been answered, through a company call GREAT Kids Snacks.

Great Kids Snack ships 30 different individually-wrapped snacks
that have been kid-tested and Nutritionist-approved; which promote healthy energy for physical activity. Not bad for the monthly price tag of $39.95, or $45.95 for a Gluten -Free Snack box.

Here is the real deal, you and your kids are probably not going to love all the options included (there was one bar that I’m sure was actually bird food, but if you like sesame seeds you might disagree). However, there are enough snack options for the little ones packed into the box for them to pick, choose and refuse.  Also, it gave my picky little ones an opportunity to try snacks they probably never would have otherwise tried, and thereby realized they actually liked!!  Full disclosure, there was a Chocolate, Nougat and Nut bar, from a company called Nelly’s Organics, that I smuggled for myself, and no lie that bar was THE  BEST!! Think snickers, but without all the guilt.

The Great Kids Snack Box, is a good subscription option for parents looking for a easy and affordable way to keep healthy snack options in the house on the regs.

Head over to GREAT Kids Snack Box, now and choose your box.

HUG: GreatKidsSnackBox

Next, is a product that I was a little weary of.

HUG: LayzieGear

How many girls in here are comfy wearing baseball hats? I certainly wasn’t. I tend to like the look on other girls, but just didn’t think I could pull it off myself. Well, when the cool folks at Layzie Wear sent me a Bone Thugs N Harmony hat, how could I not rock it. The ‘hat to the back’ look is a instant cool accessories for not so good hair days. Paired with my fave skinnies, a denim shirt and red lippie, no one knew your girl was having a bad day!!!  I’m ordering the leather version, which will be a nice accent to my all black everything look. Layzie Wear is where you’ll find all official Bone Thugs N Harmony gear. Layzie was my fave Bone, just for the record, and it was fun paying homage with this cute hat!

HUG: LayzieGear

Head over to LayzieGear for all your official  and authentic Bone Thug Gear.


Edges are important. Properly laid edges are the holy grail. And that brings us to our next fave product; Lux By Jace Edge Control with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This product delivers in all the areas, that edge control needs to deliver. It lays the edges effortlessly, leaving behind NO white residue!!!! And it smells amazing. To boost, this edge control is infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which promotes hair growth, and doesn’t kill our coveted edges (which we work all to hard to play with by using some wack product!!). If you are like me and have tried your share of edge control products, I can promise you that this one will become if not your absolute fave, it will be in your top three.  If you are a natural like myself, you know it is hard to find a edge control that holds for the entire day, well this over delivered.


Priced under $11, LuxByJace Edge Control is definitely a must have for us HealthyUrbanGirl’s that strive for healthy hair! Pick you up some!!


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this next item is a good gift contender. I love jewelry, and shiny jewelry is always a good look. The Abour Ladyrosian Jewelry Company is a premium brand for fashion jewelry with Swarovski Crystals. The jewelry company carries unique and fashionable pieces for any occasion. We were sent the “Lucky Fox” love necklace;  a beautiful 3-D blue colored Swarovski Crystal pendant, hung from a silver chain. The fox is said to give good luck, which makes this necklace only more funners. The shimmer of this necklace is unreal, especially for only $29.99.

HUG::LadyRosian Lucky Fox Necklace

Lastly, is a product that has been so kind to my skin:

iBeautyLabs Premium Gold Collagen Face Mask is a  24k gold collagen therapy face mask that deeply moisturizes your complexion, expel toxins and free radicals and make your skin smooth. After one use you instantly see a glow in your skin. Packaged with 5 mask, the overall results should definitely lead to better skin quality. Try it out here or go to Premium Face Mask, and apply special coupon code BIGFAN50, to receive 50% off.


Product Review: Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Cute hair is a game changer! That’s right, having a dope doo will instantly give any girl a  #GlowUp.  However, maintaining that dope doo is key. I am an advocate for not only good looking hair, but also and most paramount, healthy hair. Therefore, the quality of the hair products used to maintain fly hair, should uphold the integrity of good ingredients,  so to promote healthy happy hair. was given a cool opportunity to try out a couple of hair products; to see how they would fair for our readers, and social media audience. This is a #sponsored post, but make no mistake, I holds no bars!

The hair care product, is  possibly already apart of your hair care and maintenance repertoire already; Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner; which promises to restore and strengthen the hair through a unique formula:

We’ve created a unique formula with active silk an soy proteins that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to help restore and strengthen hair that’s damaged, dry or just straight up damaged. With these ingredients, hair is replenished with natural moisture leaving hair healthier, stronger, and more alive. –


With such claims, I could not wait to try this product out. A few things to keep in mind:  I am a black girl, with black girl, natural curly, kinky hair. Also, I normally stay away from hair products laden with ingredients I can not pronounce. Finesse is the kind of shampoo and conditioner you’re likely to find at your local drugstore, priced under $5 per bottle. Not bad for a brand backed by Kendall Jenner, who dubbed the hair washing duo her favorite. I say that all to say, as a natural girl, it’s not easy to find quality Shampoo and Conditioner at a drugstore, that isn’t riddled with not so nice ingredients, that do more harm than good to my hair. Not to mention, me and Kends, kind of have different hair types. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Optimism well intact, I dove in.


So on my wash day I retrieve my cute little box of  the Moisturizing Shampoo/ Conditioner duo that was shipped to me from the fine folks at Finesse.  And I read, the label. Yes I read labels!

Not TOO many unpronounceable’s (ingredients), but there are some. Not enough to make me weary to lather up my natural, kinks in it.  Water was the first ingredient mentioned on the ingredients list, which is always a step in the right direction for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Next, was my smell test. Both the Shampoo and Conditioner smelled just as you’d imagine Shampoo and Conditioner to smell. There was nothing special to report about the smell. Also, nothing bad to report about it.

Now about how they work on the hair once applied:

The shampoo lathers really nicely. The consistency is not too watery, therefore, you don’t require a whole lot to get a nice build up of suds. The highlight of use that I noticed in my use of the moisturizing Shampoo was how soft it left my hair after I rinsed it out. Normally, shampoo strips the hair of natural oils and moisture, therefore leaving it feeling quite lifeless, and stiff. Not Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo; it actually does the opposite. My hair was so soft after I shampooed, that I wondered if I needed to condition it at all.

Purchase your own Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner at Walgreens or Walmart.

After much thought, I proceeded to condition, with the Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner. While the conditioner is a little thicker than the Shampoo, I found that I needed more of it to actually feel the difference in my hair strands. While I was in the midst of conditioning I was not very impressed with the softening/moisturizing qualities. It was not until after I rinsed the conditioner off my hair, that I realized how SOFT it actually did make my hair.

My hair felt weightless,  smelled fresh and clean. 

I would say that Finesse Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are a good way to go, for drugstore hair care products. The results are lasting and come at a bargain when you think of the cost versus what you actually get in exchange.

Rihanna ‘Made It To Harvard’ + Full Speech

Earlier this week, Rihanna was in Cambridge,  to accept her 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year award. There, she delivered an down to earth, inspirational  speech;  that gave a road map to how she went from a dreaming little girl wanting to help others to being in a position to fulfill her philanthropic desires as early as a teenager.

“When I was five or six years old, I remember watching TV and I would see these commercials and I was watching other children suffer in other parts of the world and you know the commercials were [like], ‘you can give 25 cents, save a child’s life,’ you know?[….]And I would say to myself you know, ‘when I grow up, when I can get rich, I’mma save kids all over the world.’ I just didn’t know I would be in the position to do that by the time I was a teenager. [Laughs]”

Visible thankful for the honor, the singer looked elegant and stylish in a  Monse fall 2017 dress, while the crowd of Harvard students cheered her on.

“At 17 I started my career here in America, and by the age of 18, I started my first charity organization,” she continued. “I went on to team up with other organizations in the following years and met, helped, and even lost some of the most beautiful souls, from six-year-old Jasmina Anema who passed away in 2010 from leukemia, her story inspired thousands to volunteer as donors through DKMS. Fast forward to 2012 and then my grandmother, the late Clara Brathwaite, she lost her battle with cancer, which is the very reason and the driving force behind the Clara Lionel Foundation. We’re all human. And we all just want a chance: a chance at life, a chance in education, a chance at a future, really. And at CLF, our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, but it starts with just one. Just one.”

met the bravest, most humble kids and young women this week! I can’t wait to share more! #CLF #GC #GPE

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Bad gyal Rih Rih, charged the attendees to be that ‘just one’:

“As I stare out into this beautiful room, I see optimism, I see hope, I see the future. I know that each and every one of you has the opportunity to help someone else. All you need to do is help one person, expecting nothing in return. To me, that is a humanitarian.”

So very true!

That same day, Dior announced that they will donate a percentage of proceeds from each $710 “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt to Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, that funds effective education and health programs around the world.

Watch the full speech above.



Is it Real Love or Fake Love? (10 Tips to help you decide)

Ohhhhh Valentine’s Day.

The day we give and receive love by way of cute heart-shaped cards,  delectable rich chocolates, and such.  We embrace the idea of showering our loved ones with treats to say ‘ I love you’.

However, even on a day like today, when it should be all about real love,  there are those who will smile in your face, and the whole time they wanna take your place- showering you with fake love.  (Pardon the Drake reference).  I find that these days, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between the real and the fake love.  I guess that means the fake people have gotten really good at their jobs. People will literally, smile in your face- out one side of their mouth, and talk about you in your face- out the other side of their mouth; all at the same time.  It’s just the times we live in.

Here are some tips to help you read between the blurry  lines of real love and fake love:

  • You see it in their eyes:

The saying goes:  the eyes don’t lie. That is so very true.  When someone truly detests you, their eyes often shift and rarely make direct eye contact. If they do make eye contact, you can see the judgmental snare reflected in their eyes. Look closely, the eyes will tell you all you need to know.

  • You hear the fake love in  their tone:

Voice fluctuation is a tell-tell sign to determine how someone really feels about you. As humans, when someone excites us or makes us happy, our vocal cords will rise and fall in pitch, as we interact with that person. However, usually when someone is not that into you, they are very monotone in speech. It’s  almost seems like it is taking everything in them to have a conversation with you; and that’s probably because it is.

  • You feel the fake love  in their energy:

How someone makes you feel is key. If someone is genuine and means you well, their energy will uplift you. However, if you feel drained and heavy around that person,  that’s a sign for caution. Go with your energy always.

  • Body Language:

When speaking with someone who you think may be showing you fake love, look at their body language. Are their arms closed off? Do they keep a healthy distance? Are they shifted away from you? If any of this rings true, there is a good chance that person is not being genuinely engaging. Keep a watchful eye on them.

  • You enter the room, and everyone becomes quiet:

You know that awkward feeling; you enter a room and it all of a sudden becomes eerily quiet. You know instinctively that everyone in that room was just talking about you. But as soon as you walk in, they all smile in your face. If they can’t say it to your face, the love is fake. Period.

  • Everything seems forced, and not genuine:

This goes back to energy. If someone can’t be genuine in how they interact with you, or in the way they show you love, the love is fake.

  • They never congratulate you:

Haters, never want to see you grow. They never really want to see you advance in life. And they have a hard time hiding it. Chances are the mere reason someone who is showing you fake love, remains in your life, is to see you stumble. When you fly, instead of fall, it eats them alive, and they can’t bring themselves to offer a kind or encouraging word. So pay attention to who applauds when you win, and who remains mute.

  • They throw passive aggressive jabs:

The phonies, make underhanded comments with a smile and in a play-play tone, to water it down; however make no mistake, they are giving you a glimpse into how  they really feel.

  • People who really love you, are weary of them:

Your tried and true loved ones tend to see in others what we won’t allow ourselves to see. They can see that someone has ill motives and intentions. If you have two friends that butt heads, it’s usually because your ride or die friend or family member can see that fake love clearly, in the other friend. Maybe it’s time you open up your eyes also.

Keep in mind most often when people show fake love, is because they wanna take your place. Or put more eloquently, they envy you because they see something in you, they lack in themselves. Understanding this, perhaps means there is reason to be sympathetic to those who suffer from this lack of being genuine and real. Just keep in mind, while they’re hating or spreading that fake love- it’s them, not you! The best thing you can do is continue to move graciously through life, and lead by example by spreading real authentic genuine love.



5 Signs You DON’T Like Yourself

Self love is key to having a high self esteem. However, to love yourself, you’ve got to first like yourself.

However many  self affirmations we state, and self love books we may read, you can still be doing things subconsciously that sends the message that you do not like yourself. Old habits are hard to break, and until we feel worthy enough to break them, those old habits continue to repeat continuously.

Here are some clear indications that you don’t actually like yourself!

  1. Always loving, what don’t love you back:

This is probably one of my favorites, because I am a pro at it. If you’re anything like me, you may suffer from ‘the fix it’ syndrome. That’s when you just want to fix everything and everyone. You believe with all your  heart that you can love a person enough for both of you. Only to find yourself, feeling drained and unloved in return. Those of us that are hindered by this ailment, often see ourselves as victims to big, cold hearted bullies. But, the truth of the matter is,  that person probably made it clear by either, words or action that they had little to none interest in loving you back.

Solution: Neglect the need to fix everyone, and fix yourself. There is something broken in you, that makes you feel inadequate to love. Remember, it is not enough to love. Love and BE LOVED.
2. You know better, but you do the opposite:


We’ve all seen the Kermit memes on the internet. Good Kermit gives a logical solution to a problem, while in return a hooded, Kermit alter ego, provides the irrational, bad choice. While, these memes are hilarious, for some of us,  this is a harsh and sad reality. Self sabotage is a clear and present sign that you just don’t care too much about you. Often driven by fear of accomplishment, and happiness, self sabotagors , find it hard to accept that for once something is going right. Before, things have a  chance to turn for the worst, they often force the plunge.

Solution: You can not expect a different solution, by doing the same thing. Accepting the fact that you’re future can be good, and much different than your past, is the first step. Learn to embrace change. If things are going really good- let them.  Life is filled with peaks and valleys. If you’re high, allow it to happen, because you’ll soon be in a valley again, no need to create that hell for yourself.

3. You put your health on the back burner daily:

You know you should be exercising daily. You feel the guilt, each time you indulge or see someone living the fitness life your heart desires. For some reason, you just can’t allow yourself to start. Instead you wallow in your self disappointment daily, which only adds insult to injury, and keeps you a prisoner to bad health habits.

Solution: Take charge. You are your own worst enemy, and in this same thought, you can be your number one cheerleader. It’s all mental. Your health is directly tied to your happiness.


4. You spend too much time on social media comparing yourself to others:

A sure sign of self hate, or self loathing, is always comparing yourself to someone else. Social media, creates the perfect environment for that type of behavior to thrive. You scroll down your timeline, and see a college friend that just got married, and question why you haven’t found Mr. Right. You see a former co-worker, killing a two piece on the beach, and beat yourself up for still having a FUPA, 13 years after giving birth. Instantly, your mood sways, and you question your self worth.

Solution: Do not be so disillusioned by feeble things. You are an original. God created you as a single being, so you might bring into this world your own special thing. Constantly, thinking about how you don’t measure up to others, whether on your friends list, or in real life, is a self esteem dagger. Instead, embrace whatever it is you have to offer. And if you see something, or someone and feel a way, that’s a sign that you’re not happy in that area of your life- so fix it!

5. You never take time for yourself:

Call it mommy guilt. Call it woman guilt. Call it, whatever you’d like. Either way there comes a time in all our lives where we feel bad for wanting to care for ourselves a bit more. Neglecting our self, impacts us, and those we love. That’s because the self neglect will show up as anger, irritability, or impatience. What’s worst is your idea of taking time for yourself,  means sleeping. No! Take time to be alert, conscious and alone. Reflect on your self care, reflect on your role in the people you love lives. Are you meeting, or exceeding the expectation (or under performing).

Solution: Carve the self care time out in your schedule, and protect it with all you have.

6 Signs You’re a Grown Woman


I’m a grown woman, I can do whatevah I want.

If you’re Beyoncé this works. However, a sign of truly being a grown woman, is knowing you actually can’t do whatever you like.  Is a matter fact, a sign of true maturity is doing what you don’t necessary like, so you can do what you love!


Here are a few signs that you are a grown woman

1. You don’t ask permission to be happy:

You know you are the master of your happiness, key holder of your own peace. You protect your happy space with all you have, because you know you deserve it and more importantly, you’ve earned. You don’t seek your happiness from external people or places. You know all too well  that will only leave you unhappy!

2. You apologize and mean it:

It takes a big (girl) person to say ‘I’m sorry’, and you’re just the girl, err woman for the job. If you did something to offend, you own it and apologize for it. You know all too well having negative energy lingering over your head will throw off your flow, so you don’t mind apologizing and getting it off your chest.

3. You forgive (like for real):

Forgiveness when wronged is not always easy. But a grown woman understands that in order to be forgiven, one must also be able to forgive. You forgive and while you may never forget, you certainly don’t harp over the matter. You forgive and file it away!

4. You can check yourself:

A grown woman won’t wait for you to check her boo; she gets herself together.  She might make a flubbed, or two, but it doesn’t take much for her realize the error of her ways and fix it. No Iylana needed for her!


5. You honor people’s time:

You know that your time is valuable, therefore you do unto others as you would like done to you, and respect people’s time.  Simple as that.

6. You speak life into people, not negativity:

A grown woman knows there is power of life and death in the tongue, and chooses to use her words to speak life and possibility into people.