Product Review: Colorful Beaded Ball Earrings

Hi HUGs……

Just checking in to say hi. Lately, I have been busy. But a good productive busy. There has been order and purpose behind my busyness. Don’t you hate when you’re busy but chaos rules the day.  To avoid that chaotic energy I try to remember slow and steady is the way to go. Pressure can be healthy but too much can cloud your judgement. It’s best to just take time. Think quality not quantity.

Enough of that. Now on to some pretty cute earrings that I think would brighten up anyone’s day. They are beaded ball earrings that dangle. They really add a little sass to a look. Wear them with your hair up or down; either way its super cute.As summer closes out (😩) these earrings are the perfect flare to hold on to these last days of warm. The quality of these earrings is what sets them apart. Clearly, well crafted; these dangle earrings will damgle lightly and not weigh down the ear. If you like the bohemian; hand crafted jewelery vibe; these balled dangles will not disappoint. The colors of these earrings are so vibrant. I hope the pic captures that. It will sit nicely against any skin hue.

Purchase them here.


Hello August: 52 Healthy Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

Hello August.

As we usher in this last full month of summer 😢; it’s a great time to start thinking about what exactly it is we want to accomplish before the summer is over. With exactly 52 days before that first leaf falls, here is a list of 52 HEALTHY things to do before summer 17 is but a memory:

1. Drink water everyday ( pack a water filtered water bottle like this one)
2. Try spa water  (water infused with mint, cucumbers, berries etc)
3. Go for a evening run
4. Yoga at sunset on the beach
5. Yoga at dawn on the beach
6. Start the day with a ACV shot
7. No meat for a week( Try for some meatless yummy recipes)
8. Sugar free for a week or more
9. Take a walk everyday
10. Do a natural lip scrub (use Brown sugar and  olive oil)
11. Eat nutrient dense foods like almonds, salmon, etc daily
12. Green tea eye mask
13. Eat melon
14. Co Wash your hair weekly
15. ACV rinse in your hair to remove build up
16. Do a Indian healing clay  mask ( try this one)
17. Dry brush your skin weekly
18. Learn a new word a week
19. Read at least 4 new  books
20. Listen to music of another language
21. Mediate
22. Pray
23. Fast
24. Laugh daily
25. Teach your little one a new skill
26. Declutter your space
27. Create a journal and write in it
28. See your OB-Gyn
29. Eat a salad everyday
30. Deep condition hair weekly or biweekly
31. Save $20 or more from paycheck
32. Do a wheatgrass shot daily for a week
33. Add Chlorella to your green juice
34. Ride a bike
35. Make healthy delicious popsicles
36. Make nicecream
37. Do a bonfire with close friends
38. Eat fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market
39. Visit and support your local farmers market weekly
40. Start thinking about your plans for 2018
41. Try henna
42. Coconut oil pull everyday
43. Treat lashes and eyebrows with castor oil nightly
44.  Try a few new vegan recipes
45. Do a foot detox
46. Make 10, 000 steps a day
47. Take your Hair Skin and Nails vitamins daily
48. Go for a hike
49. Swap sugary drinks
50. Clean home daily
51. Drink lemon water in morning and at night
52. Help another woman